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An amazing sense of satisfaction filled me throughout, as I typed the final sentence. I always loved that feeling when I entered the last period or read the last sentence of a book I had been working on for a long time. The feeling of relief as I knew I was done and there was nothing more that could be done. It was such a sense of accomplishment and I finally felt it was perfect. That was the feeling I had now as I finished the love story. I had read and re-read the erotic adventures more times than I could count. Finally, the story was complete. They found each other, I’m always a sap for a happy ending and that’s just how I ended it.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I saved and backed up my writing and was finally able to close my laptop lid. I sat on the couch enjoying the feeling of having nothing to do. It was a rare feeling and I was going to enjoy every minute. I closed my eyes and felt the cool air as the air conditioner turned on and cooled my legs where the laptop had been. I was awoken from my peaceful daze by the sound of the stairs creaking. I had to remember to apologize for being so distant these past few days but I had to get the book finished by my deadline. Now was not going to be the time though, I still needed to decompress.

I opened my eyes and he had a surprise for me in his hands. I smiled, surprised that he heard me finish, I wondered if the tension in the air lifted so much he could actually feel it. He had a glass of wine in one hand and a bag from my favorite bath store in the other. He handed me the wine and said he’d go start a bath for me if I wanted. I nodded, enjoying the cool crisp white zin as I took a sip. He walked away and I soon heard the sound of running water.

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find someone who was so thoughtful and considerate. I knew that all was forgiven about my behavior recently, he knew it was the stress and did everything to make it better. I was so happy we found each other. Everything always seemed easier when we were together. I finished the last sip of wine and got up to enjoy the bath.

He was nowhere to be seen when I got into the bathroom. The water was still running and the bubbles kept multiplying. The bathroom was filled with the smell of lavender. I took a deep breath and was able to immediately relax further. He had lit a few candles on the counter top. It provided just enough light to see in the bathroom. I loved seeing the shadows dance on the walls as the candles flickered. I quietly and slowly got undressed. I was always exhausted after finishing a book and couldn’t wait to relax in the hot water. I enjoyed the freedom of being naked and the thought of the bubbles covering me sounded invigorating. 

I was just about to get into the tub, when he walked into the bathroom holding a big fluffy towel. I smiled and he moved to hang it up for me. As he did I felt it’s warmth against my skin. He had heated it up in the dryer for me. I loved it when he was thoughtful and considerate like that. It immediately reminded me why I loved him and I was overcome with the memories of that. I moved to give him a hug and a kiss to thank him, when my foot found a wet spot and I started to slip.

He was able to catch me in his arms. I loved how strong they felt as they helped me regain my balance. He pulled me close ensuring I was safe. I looked up into his eyes. He looked down at me and smiled knowing how clumsy I was. I moved up, he leaned down to kiss me. As soon as our lips touched, I felt that same electric charge move through my body like the first time we kissed. It felt as if it was just the other day. The longer our lips were together the more I could feel my desire, my want, my need for him.  He held me tighter as my naked body pressed against his soft shirt and rough jeans. I felt his hands move lovingly across my back. He kissed me back lovingly, our lips were slightly spread apart and his tongue gently caressed my tongue.

His love for me was intoxicating and I  wanted him more with every movement of his tongue and lips. He slowly stopped kissing me and pulled away to let me enjoy my bath. I couldn’t be away from him. As he moved to pull away, I pulled him closer and slid his shirt over his head. He wrapped his arms around me tighter than before and kissed me with more force. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted him in that moment. He tasted amazing like he just had a piece of Big Red. The air conditioner kicked on again and the candles flickered. The room became darker as one blew out. I could see our shadows flicker in the remaining candle light, it was erotic seeing them as they danced on the walls. 

I undid the button on his pants. I could feel how tight they were against him as his cock grew harder. I slid down the zipper and could feel his pants loosen and start to slide down his legs. I put my hand in the waist of his boxers and slid them down with his pants. He was completely erect for me. I moved to kiss the head and slowly start to kiss and suck him.  He let out a soft moan as my tongue licked around the head of his fully erect, hard cock. I sucked it gently as I licked around. Slowly I moved a little further down, licking and sucking as I went. When he was completely in my mouth I started to suck a little harder as I moved up and down his cock, looking up at him as he looked down at me.

He ran his fingers lightly through my hair, as he guided me to and away from him. I enjoyed knowing he liked what I was doing and loved to hear his soft moans. He moved me up to kiss him. I remembered the water was still running and turned around to shut it off. As I bent over I could feel him press against me. I pushed back against him. I could feel he was wet and hard and moved between my legs easily.  My breathing started to quicken as I anticipated him moving to be inside me. I felt as his fingers started to rub against me. I moaned in pleasure and he put them inside me. I was wet in anticipation, I had wanted him the moment he came up the stairs.

I started to move back and forth as his fingers slid in and out making sure I was ready for him. He softly rubbed against me with his thumb, it felt so good, he always knew the right way to touch me. I felt as he slid inside me. I always moaned in pleasure as I could feel myself wrap around him. It was like we were made for each other. Everything always moved into place perfectly and it never felt like we were apart for  long.

He grabbed my hips and moved me back and forth in tune with his motions. I pushed against him, moving faster and pushing harder. I didn’t know how much I wanted him until that moment and I just wanted to feel every inch of him inside me. I screamed in pleasure as I could feel the pleasure run through me. He stopped moving as he filed me with warmth. He immediately bent over and wrapped his arms around me to hold me close as he pulled me up to him. I was grateful because my knees were weak and I needed the support. As we kissed it was soft and sweet again. I felt all the tension that I had built up disappear. It was perfect and just what I needed.

We slowly stopped kissing and he started to move again to leave and to let me enjoy my bath. I held his hand in mine and didn’t let him leave. I stepped into the tub, it was still a little too hot to the touch but I enjoyed a hot bath to relax. I pulled him to join me, we had recently installed a new tub and could easily fit two people.

He stepped in after me and laid against the back of the tub. I stepped in between his legs and sat down. He pulled me back against his chest. The hot water rushed over me and warmed my chilled skin. His skin was soft and cool in contrast to the hot water. He felt amazing pressed against my back. I felt secure and safe in his arms. His body supported mine and made me feel like all the stresses and weight of life were completely gone. He had taken all the negative and replaced it with satisfaction and peace. I put my fingers through his and he wrapped our arms around my body. It was moments like these that I could truly feel relaxed. My mind was completely blank and all I could think of was this moment and how it felt.

I’m not sure how long we sat there quietly in each others arms. I was snapped back to reality as the room lit up with the flash of lightening. A few seconds later I could feel the water move as I heard the crack of thunder. It had started to rain and I hadn’t realized it. I turned my head to look at him and smiled as he was already looking at me. He leaned down a little and kissed me softly on the lips. I kissed him gently back. Then he started to kiss me with more force. He ran his fingers through my hair so he could cradle my head. The harder his lips pressed against mine and the more his tongue tasted mine, I couldn’t help but want him with the same animal desire. I matched the passion of his kisses. Each time we kissed it always felt like the first time no matter how many times we kissed. I started to ache for him, as I could feel his fingers tighten around my hair.

I slowly turned and moved to sit on his lap. I held his head in my hands while we kissed. I could feel him growing between my legs. I started to rock on top of him. I loved feeling him rub against me. I moved a little faster to feel him against me. He moved his hands across my back and all over my body, exploring every inch. He started to kiss down my neck, it gave me chills all over my body. I stopped moving and then I was able to slide him inside me, I was still wet and welcomed him inside me. I could feel as he slowly pushed deep inside me. I moaned in pleasure as he filled me up, moving farther inside me as I sat on his lap.

He moved down my neck and kissed and softly sucked down to my breast. His other hand was gently caressing my other breast, while his other hand pushed me further and further down. I slowly rocked on top of him enjoying the close, intimacy of our embrace. I was shocked by how much I loved him and just wanted this moment to last forever.

I could feel as his teeth gently rubbed against my nipples. I leaned down and kissed his neck and moved up his collar. I started to gently suck his neck as I could feel him push against me a little faster. I reached his ear and put it between my lips sucking softly and then nibbling. I knew this drove him wild and his movements were more deliberate. I felt my hot breath come back against my face as I moaned into his ear. He was gently biting my breast and as my hot breath tickled his ear he bit down a little harder. I gasped from the sudden pain but I enjoyed it. He let go and gently kissed where he bit me. I bit his ear a little harder and breathed a deep moan.

The air between us was hot from my breath. I could see as his skin prickled up from being turned on. I enjoyed having this power over him. I felt as he tried to move me faster on top of him. I wanted this moment to last as long as possible. I grabbed his head in my hands and moved him to kiss my lips. He tried to kiss me with force but quickly realized I had different plans.

He gently wrapped his arms around me as I just moved slightly on top of him. The water forced me to move. I held him tightly in my arm as I felt him throb inside me.  I started to squeeze around him a little tighter as I rocked softly. He gasped in pleasure as he felt the tightness around his cock. As I was kissing his soft lips, I slowly moved my tongue to touch his. He matched the slow pace and we just enjoyed each others touch and slight movements. I dug my nails into his shoulders as I finally felt the orgasm that had been building up release. As soon as I had started to dig my nails into him, he pushed me down on top of him and held me tight and close as he climaxed. It felt like only a few minutes had passed. As I lay on top of him, I realized the water had cooled down considerably.

I started to shiver and moved to get up. The tub started to drain and he held me close to keep me warm as I started the shower. I was greeted with the cool blast of the shower and shivered in protest till the water finally warmed up. It felt like forever before I was warm again. He held me close and I didn’t know how much he was holding me up till he went to grab his shampoo. I realized my knees were weak and laughed to myself at the complete corniness of it. I was grateful he didn’t see me. I knew he would have asked why I laughed or what I was thinking. I would have told him, I tell him everything, I just wasn’t ready to tell him I loved him.

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