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The Island

I looked at my watch as I realized I had an hour to kill before I needed to meet the realtor. I couldn’t believe how early I was, I am usually late for everything. However, today everything just seemed to fall into place. I woke up early, my meetings and morning correspondence were done before I knew it. I even already got in a nice walk along the beach from the bed and breakfast I was staying in. I decided to enjoy the peace and walked along main street looking at all the cute little shops.  I was a complete sucker when it came to handmade goods. They had such a charm that mass produced items could never duplicate. My favorite was seeing the little imperfections that honestly just made it more charming.

        It was a beautiful New England day, at least it was to me. The day was a little overcast so the sun was hidden but still able to light up the day. The cool breeze from the ocean, made the warm summer day cooler. It was a welcomed change from the heat I was usually greeted with. It felt so right being here, I knew I could spend lots of time in this little town. I also knew that the home I could build on the island just a few miles off the coast would be the perfect hideaway when the tourists came to town.

      I was snapped back into reality as the bell over the door chimed when I walked in. I was immediately greeted with the familiar smell of chocolate. I realized I just walked into the local candy store. It was charming and I was shocked to discover that no one was inside.  As soon as the door shut, a man came from a doorway to greet me and I could see he was in the middle of dipping chocolates.  I glanced at the display cases trying to see if there was anything I couldn’t live without. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a taffy pulling machine, pulling fresh taffy. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see it sooner. I walked right over and started watching it, I was memorized by the peaceful process of the candy being pulled and mixed together. The candy maker came out and started explaining the process to me.

        “That is interesting. I don’t think I have ever had fresh taffy. I have always loved it though!” I smiled as the memories ran through my head.

      “Really?! You have to have fresh taffy, what’s your favorite flavor?” he was genuinely shocked by my statement.

       “Oh, I love cinnamon!” I responded without giving it a second thought. Then I heard behind me, “Neapolitan.”

        I jumped with a start, I hadn’t heard anyone come into the shop. As I jumped, I heard a laugh behind me and a hand touched my shoulder apologetically. I turned around to remove their hand from my shoulder and yell at them for scaring me to death, “You…” I trailed off.  He stopped laughing. We looked at each other shocked. Of all the places in the world, I never would have imagined I would see him here, in this shop, in this city. We both said “Hi” at the same time. We laughed uncomfortably and started to say “How have…” we paused together and both laughed again, more comfortable.

      “This is silly.” I exclaimed as I gave him a hug.

        He hugged back, “How have you been?” he asked more at ease.

        I smiled, happy to see him, I hadn’t seen him in years. “I’ve been great! Yourself?”

       He smiled back with that familiarity only someone who has known you for years can do. “I am great, I’m actually in town for business.”

        “Oh wow, I was actually looking at a piece of property.” I glanced at my watch, ” In, ohhh 10 minutes! I need to head to the docks.” I replied with a sudden sense of urgency, I couldn’t believe I had lost track of time.

       He smiled with a knowing look on his face.  “You are finally getting that island?”

        I laughed, shocked that he remembered my dream. “That is what I am checking out. I can’t believe you remember that.”

      “Of course! I’ve never met anyone else who dreamed of owning an island, and apparently making it a reality. That’s awesome! Congratulations!” He was genuinely happy for me and moved in to give me a hug goodbye.

       As we pulled away, I asked without thinking, “Did you want to check it out with me? A second set of eyes can always help me see things differently.”

       “That sounds fun, I’d love to join you.” We walked out the store like no time had passed between us. We told each other about what had been going on in each others lives and what we had been up to. Looking back it was hard to remember when we stopped talking, we just slowly slipped apart. We both lead such busy lives and catching up now it seems we just got busier. It was amazing that we both found each other in this small town, so far from home. It felt like we were being drawn together, everything just felt like it had the last time we had seen each other.

         We made it to the dock where I politely introduced him to the realtor.  We rode in silence as the realtor rattled on about the property and the history of the town. I couldn’t remember much of anything she said. I blankly stared at the flyer she handed to me which seemed to have most of what she was saying on it. My mind couldn’t help but wander to the past and how we used to tell each other everything. I missed that, I didn’t realize how much until I thought about how long it had been since I had someone to truly confide in. I was disappointed and upset with myself that we had lost touch, but there was nothing I could do about that now.

         We arrived at the dock of the island and he helped me off the boat. I immediately felt the warmth from his hand warm my entire body. I hadn’t even realized I was cold. I tried to pay attention to what the realtor was saying, “Yeah, we’ll see you in 2 hours. Here’s a satellite phone if you want to change when we come back, or if you have questions. ” He took the phone and a small map of the island. The boat sped away. I saw the realtor had also provided a cooler, I had no idea what was inside. I couldn’t believe I was so distracted. I had never had this problem around anyone else before. Not even him when we were friends.

         I smiled as I heard him say, “so I thought we could check that out last, but I suppose you can’t wait any longer to see the highlight of the island.”

      “Highlight of the island?” I asked not sure what he was talking about.

       “You didn’t know about the main feature of the island?” He asked shocked that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

         “Oh yeah, of course let’s check it out.” I responded trying to cover up for not knowing. The truth was, I had been so busy trying to get everything in order to see the property, I never had a chance to look at any specifics of the island. I knew it had a house that needed some work and it was in the price range and location where I was looking.

        He laughed knowing I had no idea what he was talking about. He grabbed the handle of the cooler to pull it along.  He said, “Okay, let’s go. ” I followed next to him as we chatted just like we used to. I loved the feeling of the familiarity next to him. The direction of the wind changed and I got a gentle whiff of his cologne.  It immediately reminded me of various memories I had of us together. Whenever, I would come across a stranger, the familiar scent would always bring back those same memories and feelings.

       I looked around to see a modest home, I could see the paint peeling and knew it needed some work. I realized he had been saying that we should take a look at the house last, as that will take the longest and something I could get rid of if I wanted. I guess I was paying attention after all. We were walking up a well done path, it was just a little over grown. I guess no one had taken care of this place in awhile, that would explain the price. I looked ahead and saw we were going through an opening in the trees. I had no idea where we were going. I should have been scared, but between the excitement of going into the unknown and the joy of reconnecting with a friend, I didn’t give it a second thought.

      I saw him stop ahead of me, he was staring at me. I was about to ask why, when I saw it. I let out a quiet gasp of shock. I heard him say, “I knew you’d love it.”

        He was right, I loved it. The first thing to catch your attention was the giant rock, you could tell water was supposed to flow down it to make a  waterfall. You could see there was a cave with an old pool chair, leftover from the previous owners. The pool itself was sparkling blue, which was in such contrast to everything else on the island. The trees and plants around the pool looked over run which helped make the pool and waterfall feel more like a tropical oasis instead of just a pool. I was going to comment how they must have cleaned the pool to ensure the star attraction got the attention it deserved, when I noticed he had disappeared.

       I looked around trying to find him, when suddenly I heard the calming sound of water rushing and saw the waterfall start to flow. The beauty and tranquility of the scene took my breath away. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned away from the peaceful falls and saw him staring at me again. My heart began to race as I smiled at him about to thank him for turning on the waterfall. Our eyes met, he didn’t return my smile, I thought for a moment he had something bad to tell me. Before I could think what it could be, he grabbed my other shoulder and pulled me close to him. I moved to hug him back, when he grabbed my head in his hands and pulled me towards him a little more. He met my lips with his, quickly closing any remaining distance between us. My arms wrapped tightly around him, his warmth quickly filled my body from head to toe. He gently pressed his lips against mine. They were soft and warm, his head tilted ever so slightly to ensure he covered my lips entirely. Our tongues slowly touched, he tasted of cinnamon, which made me want him more. He moved his hands down my body, pulling me even tighter. I felt so engulfed in him, I didn’t want this moment to end. He started to kiss me with the same desire I felt for him. Our tongues rubbing against each other, our lips sucking each others lips.

        Time felt like it stood still. The only thing I could hear was our lips touching and the constant sound of the water from the waterfall hitting the pool. The quiet was suddenly interrupted by a loud horn in the distance. We both stopped kissing each other. I instinctively pulled away to look at my watch, worried that it was the boat calling us back. I realized only about 15 minutes had passed since we were dropped off but that kiss felt so much longer. It was amazing and left me breathless. I quietly took a step back to try and catch my breath and process what just happened. As I took my step back, his hands slid away from my body. I wanted to kiss him again but decided to look around to calm myself. As I moved further back in order to put some distance between us and the electricity that drew us together, I ran out of ground. My toe touched the ledge as it slid down. My foot hit nothing but air and I fell backwards into the pool. He reached out to grab me but I was already falling and slipped out of his hands. I hit the water hard and could feel it engulf me. It felt so cold as I fell in and water quickly came up to greet and consume me.

        I was about to try and swim to the surface when I could feel the water press against me pushing me down, as someone else fell into the pool. I felt bad that I pulled him in with me. We both shouldn’t have to have wet clothes. Suddenly I felt two strong arms wrap around me and pull me to the surface. I coughed a little as I got air. I was about to apologize for pulling him in when I saw his shoes on the side of the pool. He jumped in after me. I was shocked. He pulled me all the way to him. I could see as he pulled me closer that he also moved us to the shallower end. I moved closer to him and wrapped my arms and legs around him, letting him take me where he wanted to go. I couldn’t help but kiss him again, knowing he jumped in to save me. I could feel his arms tighten around me as we kissed more passionately, all that had been building up between us for years finally being expressed.

       We had parted ways so many years ago,  but I still thought of him, and I still wanted to be in his life. I never thought I could message him after so much time passed and it would never be as good as it was. I kept making excuses, assuming he’d contact me if he wanted to be together or convincing myself that it was only one sided. Eventually I think I stopped thinking about us being together and the memory only surfaced occasionally. As we were embraced in each others arms, floating in the pool, the water cooling off our hot bodies, all those feeling came flooding back. Nothing had changed between us, it felt so right.

      I could feel his pants grow tighter and push against me. I squeezed my legs around him tighter and kissed him harder. I could feel as my back was pushed gently against the pool wall. We were so close to the waterfall, I could feel the mist spray against my face cooling me more. The water was cold but I felt so warm in his arms, I didn’t notice. As I was pushed against the wall he moved his hands under my shirt touching my stomach. I could feel my muscles in anticipation of his touch. He moved his hands upward past my breasts that I’ve wanted him to touch for so long. He pulled my shirt off in one swift motion, our lips were barely apart. Before I knew it he was kissing me again, more forcefully.

      I moved my hands down his back, against his wet shirt and moved my hands underneath to his warm body. As I slowly moved my hands up his back he helped pull the shirt over his head, again barely breaking contact with my lips. As soon as they were apart though, we knew it and were immediately drawn back together, with a hunger that grew stronger each time we separated. I couldn’t believe this was happening, his kisses were better than anything I had ever imagined before. Both our hands went to each others waists, I moved to undo his belt while he slowly slide my skirt down. As I slide off his belt, he had taken off my skirt and moved to quickly undo his pants. He had put my skirt on the pool deck, but left his pants at the bottom of the pool.

       I couldn’t let my clothes dry as his remained soaked at the bottom of the pool. He gently bit my lip as I pulled away from his lips, so I could move to kiss his neck. As I moved down to kiss his neck, I could feel him push against me. I felt how hard he was against my skin, separated by so little. He moved to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear. He had no idea how much that turned me on. I wanted him so bad, I gently bit where his neck met his shoulder so I could continue to move down his body. I slid my hands down his back and into the waist band of his boxer briefs. I felt his tight butt as my hands grasped around him. I kissed down his chest, right above the water. I then moved to pull his boxers off, while sliding all the way down into the water to grab his pants.  I could see him staring down at me wondering what I was doing, in a second I decided to take him inside my mouth. Blowing out the excess water as he filled my mouth and I could feel him inside me. Sucking him gently and then sliding back up for air. I moved to put his clothes on the pool deck.

       As I caught my first breath, he was there to kiss me again. I couldn’t believe how much I had missed those lips in that brief moment apart. I kissed him back with a renewed thirst, that he immediately matched. He pulled me away from the pools edge, I responded by wrapping my legs around his waist. I could feel him pushing against the fabric of my panties. I wanted him inside me so bad at that moment. I wish I had taken my panties off at the same time I took his pants off, I honestly couldn’t believe he hadn’t done it already. I pushed him against me tighter, wanting to feel him slip inside me. I didn’t realize it but he was taking me under the waterfall. I could feel the water push against us, trying to make us separate. We had been apart far too long, we had built up to this moment for what felt like forever, nothing was going to separate us now.

         I felt my back push against something firm, but it wasn’t hard. The rocks appear to actually be made out of foam of some sort. He had actually moved me on top of the rock. I realized he had taken my bra off as we went through the waterfall. My mind was racing, I could no longer think, I just felt the movements of his body telling me what to do. He slid me on top of the rock as he slid my panties off. He kissed my thigh as he moved to spread my legs apart. I could feel the mist of the waterfall cooling my skin.  I had goosebumps everywhere. I should be freezing but I was burning up. The anticipation of his touch warmed me all over. I felt him kiss across my thigh, slowly moving a finger between my legs and sliding inside me. I gasped as he moved another inside and started to lick me, slowly moving his fingers in and out.  I couldn’t think of what he was doing. I just knew it felt amazing and I never wanted it to end.

          I started to move in tune with his movements, moaning softly as everything he did felt amazing. He made my entire body tingle, I was shaking not because I was cold but because every nerve in my body was turned on by everything he did to me.  He slowly stopped and slid me down the rock. I was completely helpless to his desires. I would do anything he wanted, but I could barely move I needed a moment to catch my breath. I didn’t get it, as soon as I hit the water he moved himself inside me. I couldn’t believe how much I still wanted him. My arms were around him and my nails dug into his back as I felt every inch of him slide inside me slowly. We both moaned into each others ears as we finally got to feel each other. He immediately found my lips again and kissed me as if we hadn’t kissed in forever.

         I wrapped my legs around him, pushing him deeper inside me. He was holding my hips, moving me up and down on him. I moved in tune with his motions and he slid his hands behind me pushing me closer and tighter to him. I let out a moan as I felt him deeper inside me. He had moved me to the steps in the pool, there was only a few inches of water as he laid me down and slowly moved in and out of me. His hands were wrapped around my head supporting it as he kissed me. I could feel him push against me tighter, leaving no space between us. His warm body pressed tightly against my breasts. His hand finally free to move across my back to my stomach and up to my breast. I could feel him softly and gently grasp it in his hand. He touched me with such confidence and assurance . With every touch I felt safe and secure. I just wanted him to touch me more. I couldn’t get enough of him, and my entire body was amazed at how I longed for every touch of his hands, I wanted his entire body all over my skin and I pushed him deep inside me as I wanted to feel every inch of him penetrate me.

       I could feel the warmth go through my body as he made me orgasm yet again. It was more than I could handle and was about to push away when he kissed me softly and gently. I could feel him move away and assist with pulling me up. I realized we had came at the same time and was one of the most intense feelings I had ever had. I shivered with his touch as he tried to touch my leg. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer, I was suddenly cold. I hadn’t realized how cold the water was. We were protected behind the waterfall from the wind but the air had gotten cooler as the night had gotten darker.

        He soon realized he was not going to get me warm again in the pool with the air as cool as it was and said “Let’s see if the hot tub is working.” I looked at him and nodded. I had no idea there was a hot tub. I couldn’t believe how little I knew about the place I was looking at buying. I was so cold though, I didn’t even care . He helped me out of the pool and we walked to the hot tub.  I put my foot in and realized the water was warm.  I quickly got in and looked up to see that he had disappeared again.

       I was just thinking of looking for him when he came back with our clothes still wet, a bag he had put everything in and the cooler. I smiled at him and he smiled back, as I watched him as he laid the clothes over the chair to hopefully dry out more quickly. He then found the timer to turn the hot tub on and pulled out two waters from the cooler and climbed into the bubbling warm water with me. He moved over to sit next to me and bring me a water. I moved  to sit next to him as he slid his arm around me. I had finally gotten warm again and it felt perfect. I didn’t want this moment to end. It was then that I realized I was just looking at a property to purchase and couldn’t believe what had just happened.

       He was staring at me calmly, as the panic began to wash over my face. I looked at my watch, over an hour had passed and the realtor would be back soon. We were completely naked, our clothes were wet and I had seen nothing of the island. I was about to get up to get out when he pulled me back down next to him.

      “What’s wrong?” He asked with that calm smile on his face.

      I was completely shocked that he didn’t realize that the realtor was going to be back any time now. “We have to get going, we still have a lot to see and we are running out of time.” I said a little panicked.

     “Do you really want to look at everything else or do you want to sit here and enjoy this?” He asked still smiling at me like he knew something I didn’t.

       “Of course, I would rather stay here next to you, but they will be back for us soon. We need to get going.” As I said it, the sadness washed over me. I really did not want to go this quickly back to reality. I had waited so long for this moment and I wanted to enjoy it as long as I could.

        “Then it’s settled, we will stay.” He said it with such certainty and pulled me close as he kissed me.

        I pulled away, still confused. “How can we stay? I don’t own the place yet.”

        He laughed a little at my confusion. “I called the realtor, and explained that you really love the property and would like to spend the night to see if it’s really a place you can see yourself living. She agreed and is actually going to bring us our things and dinner.” He could still see I was confused. “I called her on the satellite phone  when I grabbed the cooler. She was more than willing to do whatever you wanted. She really wants to sell this place.”

         A smile washed over me as I realized how perfect this was.  He thought of everything and made it all happen so quickly. I was so excited for what he would have planned for us next. I wrapped my arms around him and moved to sit on his lap. I kissed him, thanking him for arranging everything. I was so excited to spend the rest of the night with him. I couldn’t believe how the day had  just gotten better. I started to think of what would happen next and what we would or could do when we finally checked out the house.

       We stopped kissing and he looked at me. I hadn’t said anything to him. He asked, “What are you thinking?”

       He used to ask me that a lot. I smiled at the memory as I replied, “Thank you for doing that and I am looking forward to seeing everything else.”

       “Is that it?” He looked at me with a knowing smile he knew I had a lot more that I was thinking about.

        “Well I guess, I’m also thinking if I buy this place, I am going to need a lot of help getting it back in order and maintained, like a gardener and a pool boy. ” I said it like I had been giving all the work serious thought. “What are you thinking?” I asked.

        “Oh that’s easy. It’s been the same thing since I saw you today.” He said it like it was obvious and I would know the answer. I had no idea what he was thinking. I rarely ever did. I felt like he always knew what I was thinking but I honestly never knew what he was thinking. He saw the confused look on my face and completed his thought. “I’m never letting you out of my life again.”